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How Much Do Storage Pods Cost?

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Every moving company charges different rates for storage pods, on average pods cost anywhere between $100 to $200 per month, depending on the size of the unit. If you want storage pods which are reasonably-priced, you’ll find that our Orange County moving firm really delivers. The truth is that every moving service that we offer is affordable. Our pack rat storage prices are some of the lowest around.

If you want an answer to the question, “How much do storage pods cost?”, you should know that contacting us for a fast and free quote will be the smartest way to get the answers that you need. Read More

How to Move a Safe

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Moving a safe is hard work. Safes are typically very heavy and this is why we recommend that you outsource the task to our Mover’s Best team. When you choose our company, we’ll ensure that your safe is packed up perfectly and moved with great care. It’s all about getting it from Point A to Point B in perfect condition. Read More

How Much Does It Cost to Move a 2 Bedroom House?

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There’s no simple answer to the question, “How Much Does it Cost to Move a 2 Bedroom House”. The best way to figure it out is to ask our team of moving experts for a quote. We offer fast, free quotes to our customers, via our official website. In fact, we’ve got a moving calculator app set up which will allow you to submit a quote request in just a couple of minutes. Read More

How Much Does a Packing Service for Moving Cost?

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Are you in the market for packing services for moving? If so, you should know that Mover’s Best offers these services for very affordable prices. While the cost of a packing service will vary based on the size of the move and how many belongings need to be packed up, it’s safe to say that our expert packing services are very competitively-priced. This is why so many customers in so many different parts of California choose us, whether they want to move near or far. Read More

How to Protect Your Clothes in a Storage Unit

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when a few possessions need to be put away for safe keeping in a storage unit. Unfortunately, not all storage units are the same. Some units are temperature controlled, but others are not. Certain storage units are built to protect the items inside from the elements, while others are little more than four walls. Either way you look at it, shielding your possessions is important. At times, some manual precautions are needed. Read More