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Moving can be a major hassle. That is why we here at Orange County Movers strive to make your moving experience as straightforward and stress free as possible. The first way we do this is by offering you a system for requesting online moving quote. Fast and to the point, our moving quote system gives you a price you can count on. In addition, unlike other moving companies, we do not have hidden charges, fees, or expenses. Instead, the service you get quoted for is the service you pay for.

Get A Moving Quote

Get A Moving Quote

A Quick Guide To Getting Online Moving Quotes

  • Take a moment to fill out the form above. It asks you basic questions regarding moving, and leaves an area for you to add any specific notes
  • Wait to hear back with a quote. A qualified professional will review your needs and then get back to you with a quote you can trust
  • If you agree to go with Orange County Movers, then you can contact us to confirm the amount, time, date, and contract
  • As always, we are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded moving company with a professional staff of movers.

If you have any questions regarding the online moving quote or have a unique moving request, please contact us as once and we will gladly provide whatever assistance we can.

Filling in online moving quote

When you live in Orange County and finally took a decision to move to another home, but feel confused, what step to start with, we recommend you to fill in online moving quote. All trusted and licensed moving companies offer their clients such a service, but very often, it happens in their offices. The Movers Company respects each person and his time. We know: not everybody has much time to spend it for visiting the company office and dealing with some papers, even the most needed ones. Thus, we suggest our potential clients filling in the online moving quote directly at our site. The Movers works with Orange County, so we are sure: you are close, but even in this case we want to be helpful.

Opening the page with the Movers online moving quote, you see the required fields you have to fill in. Everything here is very clear. The first line of the online moving quote should contain your name and Email. Going down, to the next line of the online moving quote, you should type there your phone (or phones) numbers. Pay attention: you are supposed to fill in the field with the “Moving time” information, choosing the date of your preferable move. The Movers online moving quote requires to give your loading address and the information about the unloading address. It will help us to calculate the approximate time of work. Further, you need to select moving size from the required options. In our online moving quote we offer the following variants: studio, one, 2, 3, 4, 5-bedroom houses, office (large, small, medium, extra large). If it is a domestic, residential move, you’d better choose the information which truly estimates the size of your move. For instance, if you choose the option “four bedroom, large size, may items”, you should expect we will offer you two trucks with 4 men working there. In case you pick the option “one small bedroom with few things”, it will be better for you to get only one truck with two men working with your cargo. Filling in the online moving quote, you avoid making a miscalculation when ordering the movers best. You do not have to overpay for the work you will not get in case you choose 4 men for the work where 2 movers will do the work perfectly. However, 2-3 movers will never manage to load the stuff, which is placed in a 5-bedroom house with many items to move. That is why, correctly filled in online moving quote becomes the part of your successful moving.

Filling in the online moving quote, we offer, please, pay attention at the paragraph “Type of residence”. In case it is a storage, the move will need more professional movers for the work. The house requires the less quantity of loaders, and any apartment will need the minimal number of people, helping you in your relocation. All these above-mentioned fields are needed to be filled in when you work with online moving quote of the Movers.

Besides the required fields, explained above, we ask customers to help us, informing the Movers where you heard about the company. It will take you only a few seconds, but help the work of the whole company. Another paragraph, which is not a “must”, but an option in our online moving quote, is called simple: “Notes”. In this field you can inform us about everything which you find very important. For instance: you have some large size valuables, which you can’t place into the bank deposit box. You can inform the company about them. Further we will decide whether you get a special insurance for this stuff and we move them with the rest of your cargo, or keep the belongings in another place.