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If you’re in Orange County and you wish to hire the movers orange county you’ll find the skill and expertise that you want at the official website. There are a lot of moving companies in Orange County CA, but they are not like us. We are a company which is renowned for its affordable roster of services. Choose the services which are best for you in order to ensure that your upcoming move goes off without a hitch. No job is too big or small and this company is able to handle short distance and long distance moves.

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USDOT 2930691 | CA 501283 | MTR 0191561

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Services which are offered by our reputable company include:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Assembling and disassembling

Services are available for commercial and residential moves done by moving companies orange county. The team at will ensure that your possessions are treated with care and respect during every stage of the moving process. As well, the team at this moving firm will be happy to provide you with a custom quote. This company features three options for insurance, so you may select the level of protection which is perfect for your needs. You’ll love the professional and caring customer service that you access via this established firm. If you need moving services in Orange County, you’ll discover that hiring this dependable and highly-rated moving firm is the key to enjoying a more pleasant move.

Working in Orange County, we are the trusted company organizing professional moving of its customers. It might be a residential (domestic), commercial (business) or a long distance (to a new city) move. Every time the best people working with you, they do their job professionally and in time. Statistics states: each year 15% of the USA population move, and most of them use the services given by the moving companies.

Orange County is not only very beautiful place by the ocean and mountains. It is the safest area in California. Some of the cities of the country are the places with a minimal risk to live there. It happened, that due to the beauty of Orange County nature and its profitable geographical position, millions of Americans and foreigners have chosen this land to settle there. Relocating to the blessed land, they used the help of movers, especially when they had too much cargo. This corner of California has the highest density of people living there. It is pretty easy to suppose: many families and single guys move at least once or twice in their life, changing their home or the state. Hundreds of daily relocations and thousands of monthly moves form millions of situations, when the help of professionals is a “must”.

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Residential Move

  • The most often happening event, which professional workers meet daily with is a local move. It means: a person or a family changes his place of living within one city (town, village). Here the work of hired movers is paid hourly. Depending on the amount of your cargo and the quantity and weight of your belongings, you can order 2 men and one 24 ft truck or 3 men with a 24 ft truck. In first variant you pay per hour of their work, for 3 movers and one truck the price grows up. In both cases, the minimum time you can order movers is three hours. When you need to relocate the large 3 or even 4 bedroom house to a new place (certainly, only your belongings will move), you’d better order 4 men and 1 or even 2 trucks.
  • The crew of the best movers orange county will use their skills and the moving company equipment. The team will start with disassembling of your furniture and wrapping it to the company blankets. The company provides its movers with shrink-wrap, tape, boxes for your wardrobe and tools. When the truck comes to the customer’s new house, the same movers will reassemble the furniture and arrange it in the house (or apartment). All packing materials, which are used by the team of professionals from Company, are free to the customer. The client pays only for the work of movers and for insurance. The customer is given a price list of the company and the more detailed information about the work of movers from the The consultation is free. There the client gets the recommendations and advice helping him to cooperate with the team of the movers in Orange County and make his move easy.

Commercial Move

  • When a client applies to the us asking professional movers to help to relocate large office to a new place, the work of the team differs a bit. The client fills in a Commercial Quote. There he gives his contacts and leaves the information about the size of the office you need to move. It can be an extra large, large, medium, or small office. The price is based on this data, but the other facts are always considered. In fact, the word combination “commercial move” can mean different types of relocations. In one case, it is a move of a small office with less than 20 employees and minimum of office equipment to another building. Sometimes we need to relocate an office to another house placed on the same street, just a few yards far from the old relocation.
  • The most difficult commercial moves orders the best OC Movers can get are hospital or hotel relocations. Although always a contract is signed, and the stuff of a client is insured, the movers have to do the double job and work for longer. Commercial move prices always differ depending on the type of this move. In this case we are not paid hourly, but the price for the volume of their work is fixed. When you choose the day convenient to your company move, you can fill in this commercial quote giving the basic information about the volume of the movers work to the company. Together with Movers representatives, you will make a plan of your move, considering your budget. After that the fixed price for the company and movers services with be confirmed. So that, the day of the event will not turn into a very unpleasant “surprise”. When the team of the best Orange County CA movers comes to your office to start the move, you are welcome to cooperate with them. However, you can trust professionals: go on with your work or another stuff, and the movers will do the job they know perfectly. All the office equipment, the floor and furniture will be protected. Each of the movers working for the remembers: he is personally responsible for the safe and careful move of your things. You can trust the best OC moving services.

Long Distance Move

  • In case you need to relocate to another city and even another state, but yet live in Orange County, call the best movers working in, and your move will be really “safe and fast”. Long distance move differs from the other residential and even commercial moves with a few aspects. First, the trucks used for relocation of your belongings must be in perfect technical condition. It does not mean that when you order a local residential move, you get a shabby van. Simply the company pays double attention to the trucks used to deal with moves to another cities and states. Special attention is also paid to the movers who will do this job on the day (or days) of the event. The movers dealing with long distance move do not get hourly payment, as the event takes really much time. The volume of work and the payment the movers will get for their job and are given in the contract you sign before the whole “procedure” starts. The Movers company is also responsible for the storage of the customer belongings and the safety of his things. The cargo is always insured. There are various types of the insurance, and you can choose several additional methods of protection your cargo. Although the best movers will always keep an eye on your belongings, you may get an additional insurance for certain things.

Tips to turn any move into a happy event

Certainly, each one who is going to move to another place, and it does not mean if it is a local, commercial or long distance move, should do the certain things himself. Working as a team with the best OC Movers, you will turn the day of changing your home or office into a fest. It does not mean you need to carry heavy loads; leave this job to the movers, which know how to do it fast. Simply declutter the house you live in first. Getting rid of the unnecessary things, you will have fewer things to move. Another tip is to make an inventory of things you will move.

When a large family moves to a new home, ask each one to pack his own case with personal things. The event will be more organized and help movers in their work. Valuables and documents must be always with you, not with the movers and never in the truck. When you have small kids, hire a baby-sitter or a nurse for the day of the event. Most movers are kind-hearted people, but their job is to move your heavy things and load the van with your belongings, not to amuse children. When you follow all these tips and trust our team of movers, the move event will be a breeze. For those customers who own pets the Moving Company recommends to use the pet sitting services. Orange Country has a plenty of them. For the price which is $20 (average) your pet (cat, bird or dog) will be taken care of and fed. Such a service is a guarantee nothing will happen with your furry friend when you move to your new place.